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Hair Extensions

Hair extension have become increasingly popular over recent years with many movie stars including Madonna, Demi Moore, and Cameron Diaz using them in movie roles. Hair Extensions can make fine hair thicker, short hair longer, flat hair fuller or add instant highlights.

There are various hair extension systems available using various types and qualities of hair (some even use synthetic fibre) and different methods of attachment.

At Stylz Hair Group, we have spent the last three years evaluating various hair types and attachment methods. We carefully selected four systems, so that we can provide our clients with the best method of achieving the result they desire within their chosen budget.


We only use 100% human premium grade REMY hair; REMY hair has the cuticle layers (tiny scales that form outer layer of hair fibre) all facing in the one direction (unidirectional). This is very important to avoid tangling and matting. A wide range of colours are available.

These are quick and easy to put in and take out and are perfect for adding some fun, instant highlights or to quickly and economically achieve longer fuller hair.

There are three Diva options:

a) Individual Clip-ins in a wide range of colours ranging from $10.95 to $23.95 depending on length. Fantastic for instant highlights.

b) Diva in a Box. Eight separate wefts are clipped in for a full head of extensions, thick or fine in various lengths. From $199.95.

c) Diva One Piece Weft. Creates instant, longer fuller hair in just two minutes. $325

Using tiny micro beads between 80 and 150 individual hair pieces are attached. This creates and extremely natural result and increases both length and volume. It takes around one hour and adjustment is required around every 6 to 8 weeks. From $400

One to three wefts are attached with micro beads taking just 30 minutes increasing both the length and volume of your hair. $495

This method involves the attachment of from one to three wefts sown onto a tiny braid of your own hair. Lots of hair in just one and a half hours. $200 per weft.