Stylz Hair Group Sydney Australia

Luxury Hair Service

Our unique Luxury Hair Service was developed in 1993 by our salon group working closely with a Trichologist. We have continued to refine this unique service having now completed tens of thousands of treatments.

Our luxuryhair service is a luxury hair treatment regime which involves five treatment steps and takes under 1 hour.

If you have fine hair:
Don’t worry, we have a special procedure for fine hair which adds body and avoids lankness.

If you would like a layered hair cut, blowdry or any other service in conjunction with your Luxury Hair Service you will receive a 10% discount.

Stylz Luxury Hair Service (Only from Stylz Hair)

STEP 1 – De-Toxify
Using special deep cleansing shampoo, we De-Toxify your hair removing styling product build-up, silicone overload from certain shampoo and conditioners and any number of pollutants found in city air. Your hair is now super clean and prepared for maximum protein absorption.

STEP 2 – Protein Rebuild
Here we apply a concentrated combination of hydrolysed wheat and soy proteins and hydrolysed silk under a heat accelerator; this combination of proteins formulated at an optimum pH value have the ability to fill, seal and strengthen damaged and porous areas of the hair fibre.

STEP 3 – Oil Cocktail
A rich blend of oils including mineral, jojoba, wheat, tea tree, wheatgerm, macadamia, soya, sunflower and avocado are applied under the heat accelerator. This rich combination of oils is designed to emulate your own natural sebum to smooth, lubricate, moisturise and protect outer cuticle layer of the hair shaft.

STEP 4 – Acid Balanced Masque
An acid balanced masque is now applied rich in silk, soy and wheat protection, jojoba and macadamia oils, shea butter, aloe vera, and panthenol, combined with deep relaxing massage. This step compliments the protein and oil phases, returning your hair to it’s natural, healthy (mildly acidic) state with a tightly closed and compacted cuticle layer

STEP 5 – Protective Finish
A super smoothing cuticle sealer is now applied followed by an intensive glossing agent. You then receive a complimentary end trim (if required).